• LVHN Hecktown Oaks

    LVHN Hecktown Oaks

    The Lehigh Valley Hospital – Hecktown Oaks project consists of a newly constructed, 201,000 square foot facility located in Easton, PA. The first hospital to be built in 50 years by Lehigh Valley Health Network, this healthcare facility features an Emergency Room, Inpatient Unit, state-of-the-art Surgical Suites, Breast Health Services, Joint & Spine Center, Outpatient Rehabilitation, Family Medicine, and Lehigh Valley Heart Institute Cardiology and Cardiac Diagnostics. Worth & Company utilized its advanced capabilities to construct and install the HVAC piping, sheet metal, plumbing and med gas piping for the main hospital and patient tower.

    Project: LVHN Hecktown Oaks
    Location: Easton, PA
    Owner: Lehigh Valley Health Network
    Engineer: Erdman Architecture, LLC
    Size: 201,000 SF
  • Waste Management Fairless Landfill LFG Blower/Dehydration Station Expansion

    Waste Management Fairless Landfill LFG Blower/Dehydration Station Expansion

    In order to keep up with growing landfill gas production as a result of landfill expansion at Waste Management Fairless, an expansion to the existing Blower/Dehydration station (also constructed by Worth in 2017) was necessary. Working as the Mechanical Contractor, Worth installed all large-scale blower, dehydration, flare, and HVAC equipment along with associated piping and instrumentation systems. As the General Contractor, Worth oversaw civil, concrete, building erection, and electrical subcontractors. All stainless and HDPE piping necessary for the project was coordinated in-house through Worth’s CAD department and prefabricated at our shop facility.

    Location: Morrisville, PA
    Owner: Waste Management
    Engineer: SCS Engineers
  • Upper Montgomery Joint Authority WWTP

    Upper Montgomery Joint Authority WWTP

    The Upper Montgomery Wastewater Treatment Plant project was an expansion of the existing facility to improve nutrient removal. New Equipment included Influent Screens, Secondary Clarifier, Aeration Tanks, Tertiary Filters. The project also included the renovation of the existing Pump Station that included the replacement of all existing influent pumps and the existing Chlorine Building included the replacement of all existing Chemical Systems, WAS Pumps, RAS Pumps and the Utility Water System. An Operations Building that contained; a meeting room, library, lobby, break room, operators’ room, work room and offices was also part of the project.

    Project: Upper Montgomery Joint Authority Wastewater Treatment Plant
    Location: Pennsburg, PA
    Owner: Upper Montgomery Joint Authority
    Engineer: Woodard & Curran
  • St. Luke's Anderson Expansion

    St. Luke's Anderson Expansion

    The St. Luke's Anderson Expansion project is a newly constructed Birthing Center consisting of 50 Patient Room, 2 Operating Rooms, 9 Labor & Delivery Rooms, and 26 NICU Bays. Worth & Company completed HVAC/Plumbing/Medical Gas Piping on this project. Distribution throughout the building was achieved via (2) 450 Ton Trane Centrifugal Chillers, (1) 150 Ton Water Cooled Heat Recovery Chiller, (1) REYMSA Cooling Tower, (3) Fulton Boilers, (1) AnnexAir Heat Recovery Unit, (10) Trane Custom Air Handling Units, and (2) Trane Rooftop Units.

    Project: St. Luke's Anderson Expansion
    Location: Easton, PA
    Owner: St. Luke’s University Health Network
    Size (SF): 180,000 SF
  • Asbury Ocean Club – 1101 Ocean Avenue

    Asbury Ocean Club – 1101 Ocean Avenue

    The Asbury Ocean Club is a newly constructed, 17-story high-rise resort and residence featuring various amenities, 54 hotel rooms and 130 condominiums. Located in the heart of New Jersey, “Where the City Meets the Sand”, the luxurious Asbury Park property was developed by iStar and offers spectacular 180-270-degree ocean views, wraparound terraces and private outdoor rooms. Worth & Company, Inc. was selected to perform the Plumbing, Mechanical, Piping, Sheet Metal and ATC for this $23 million revitalization project.

    Project: Asbury Ocean Club – 1101 Ocean Avenue
    Location: Asbury Park, NJ
    Owner: iStar Holdings
    Architect: Handel Architects LLP
    Design Director: Ana Andrei Design
    Engineer: Cosentini Engineering
    Size: 550,000 SF
  • Lafayette College – Rockwell Integrated Science Center

    Lafayette College – Rockwell Integrated Science Center

    Worth & Company, Inc. was charged with installing the HVAC/Plumbing systems for the newly constructed, five-story Rockwell Integrated Science Center at Lafayette College in Easton, Pennsylvania. One of the most innovative collegiate science buildings in the country, this $75 million project boasts nearly 110,000 square feet of state-of-the-art space designed to inspire the scientific explorers of our future. This highly specialized project exemplifies Worth’s vast capabilities and high level of commitment to meeting the customers’ expectations.

    Location: Easton, PA
    Size: 109,639 square feet
    Owner: Lafayette College
    Architect: Payette Associates
    Engineer: Bard, Rao + Athenas Consulting Engineers
  • Ecoremedy Sludge Gasification Pilot Plant

    Ecoremedy Sludge Gasification Pilot Plant

    The Ecoremedy Sludge Gasification project is a newly constructed, state-of-the-art gasification plant located in Morrisville, PA. The first of its kind, this unique project design combines cutting-edge technology and renewable energy to significantly reduce environmental costs of biosolids. Worth & Company partnered with Ecoremedy and served as the General Contractor overseeing the building design, construction and installation sequence on the project.

    Project: Ecoremedy Sludge Gasification Pilot Plant
    Location: Morrisville, PA
    Owner: Ecoremedy LLC
    Engineer: Keystone Engineering Group
  • Bell Works

    Bell Works

    The Bell Works Infrastructure project is complete renovation of the historic Bell Laboratory located on a 472-acre lot in Holmdel, New Jersey. The revitalization of this iconic, twentieth century building was designed with an innovative approach to unite past and present in today’s modern career world. Worth & Company self-performed the installation of all HVAC equipment, duct, mechanical and plumbing systems.

    Project: Bell Works Infrastructure
    Location: Holmdel, NJ
    Owner: Somerset Development
    Architect: Mancini Duffy
    Engineer: Snyder Hoffman
    Size: 2,800,000 SF
  • Longwood Gardens

    Longwood Gardens

    The Longwood Gardens Fountain Revitalization Project is a complete renovation of the existing fountains. The new design preserves some of the original components and architectural features, while enhancing the fountain design and landscape. The revitalization included 1,400 linear feet of utility tunnels, four below ground pump rooms, and three buried water storage tanks holding 340,000 gallons of water. Many of the key components of the original gardens were preserved and reinstalled, including 379 original nozzles. Worth & Company’s contract included the Fountain Features scope, Mechanical and Plumbing scopes.

    Project: Longwood Gardens Main Fountain Revitalization
    Location: Kennett Square, PA
    Owner: Longwood Gardens
    Architect: Beyer Blinder Belle Architects & Planners
    Engineer: Urban Engineers
    Size: 193,569 SF
  • Bethlehem Wastewater Treatment Plant

    Bethlehem Wastewater Treatment Plant

    The Bethlehem Wastewater Treatment Plant project consists of an upgrade and expansion to an existing plant. The project involves a complete overhaul to the sludge and digester piping, a new SCADA system and the addition of a sludge building which housed (2) de-watering presses and associated chemical systems. These enhancements will distribute gas to the boilers and provide an energy source that operates the boilers for the plant heating loads.

    Location: Bethlehem, PA
    Owner: City of Bethlehem
    Engineer: Arcadis
  • Ashland Chemicals

    Ashland Chemicals

    The Ashland Chemicals Project is a 1.4 million dollar expansion of an existing lab facility at the Ashland site in Wilmington, Delaware. The project involves a two story addition to and renovation of the existing building intertwined with new plumbing, HVAC systems, mechanical piping and several pre-fab opportunities. The primary challenge of the project was the level of complexity coupled with a compressed schedule. Worth & Company proudly delivered on its promises to provide outstanding customer service for the Ashland project.

    Project: Ashland Chemicals
    Location: Wilmington, DE
    Owner: Ashland, Inc.
    Architect: Jacobs Wyper Architects, LLP
    Engineer: RPA Engineering
    Size: 20,000 square feet
  • Black Forest

    Black Forest

    Worth & Company was charged with constructing and installing a multifaceted mechanical system that supports a highly-advanced research and development facility and its offices. The project’s design intertwined multiple piping systems to feed a variety of equipment. State-of-the-art computer automated drafting (CAD) programs and Building Information Modeling (BIM) assisted in the coordination of ductwork, HVAC piping and plumbing systems and provided a real space document that the entire construction team could utilize. The team worked meticulously to successfully meet the unique requirements and aggressive schedule of the project.

    Project: Black Forest
    Location: Hamilton, NJ
    Owner: Schrute, LLC
    Architect: Francis Kaufman
    Engineer: Precis Engineering
    Size: 19,712
  • Bucks County Justice Center

    Bucks County Justice Center

    Worth & Company was charged to design and install the HVAC & Plumbing systems at the Bucks County Justice Center, a 9 story courthouse located in Doylestown, PA. This highly specialized project exemplifies Worth & Company’s quest to utilize advanced technologies to achieve the desired results of our customers.

    Project: Bucks County Justice Center
    Location: Doylestown, PA
    Owner: County of Bucks
    Architect: HOK Architects
    Engineer: HF Lenz
  • Dover High School

    Dover High School

    The Dover High School project, one of the largest plumbing and HVAC combinations awarded in the company’s history, consists of: HVAC – new installation, piping, and sheet metal; Plumbing – new gang bathrooms, gas piping, science labs, and kitchen equipment. The Worth team was proactive in addressing challenges providing viable solutions.

    Location: Dover, DE
    Size: 300,000 square feet
    Owner: Capitol School District
    Architect: ABHA Architects
    Engineer: Gipe Associates
  • DuPont CRP 735 Phase II

    DuPont CRP 735 Phase II

    Worth & Company, Inc. was charged with the installation of HVAC and Plumbing systems for DuPont’s new four-story office building, CRP Building 735 Phase II that is occupied by multiple DuPont divisions. The highly skilled and proactive professionals at Worth & Company overcame several challenges on the project, including a stringent project timeframe, winter weather, and the installation of roof top air handling units. The units are two unit structures that were shipped and erected in multiple sections, and assembled after being placed on the roof. Worth & Company performed seamlessly demonstrating customer commitment and superior quality workmanship throughout the duration of the project.

    Location: Wilmington, DE
    Size: 174,000 square feet
    Owner: Al DuPont Denemours
    Architect: King Stubbins
    Engineer: King Stubbins
  • Endo Pharmaceutical

    Endo Pharmaceutical

    Worth & Company was contracted to install (5) heat exchangers on an aluminum frame, anchored to the bottom of a quarry. Associated piping from the heat exchangers travel from the bottom of the quarry to a buried concrete mechanical room vault. The vault consists of pumps, tanks, and VFDs. Pre-fabricated piping (manufactured at Worth & Company’s facility) connects the exchangers from the vault, into the structure, supplying free cooling for the life of the building. This LEED certified project is a prime example of utilizing advanced technologies to provide innovative solutions.

    Location: East Whiteland, PA
    Size: 300,000 square feet
    Owner: Endo Pharmaceuticals
    Architect: L2 Partridge
    Engineer: Vanderwell Engineers
  • Goldtex Apartments

    Goldtex Apartments

    Worth & Company was charged to recommend a Water Source Heat Pump designed system that could be easily monitored for billing, quiet operation, and didn’t utilize valuable floor space. Piping and ductwork was fabricated at Worth’s prefabrication and manufacturing facility, resulting in reduced field labor, condensed schedule, better quality; and increased safety. The sustainable design provides simultaneous heating and cooling which enables cooling on the sunny side of the building while transferring heat to the more shaded side. Goldtex Apartments is LEED – Silver

    Project: Goldtex Apartments
    Location: Philadelphia, PA
    Owner: Post Brothers
    Architect: Kling Stubbins
    Engineer: GNP Design Group
  • IQE Clean Room

    IQE Clean Room

    Worth & Company was contracted for a two phase, fast-track, design assist project. The Worth team met customer expectations for Phase I and Phase II, including delivering the project within an elevated timeframe and under budget.

    Project: IQE Clean Room
    Location: Bethlehem, PA
    Owner: IQE, Inc.
    Architect: Johnsrud & Associates Architects
    Engineer: DME Alliance, Inc
    Size: 4 rooms, Mechanical room
  • Kalahari Hotel & Convention Center

    Kalahari Hotel & Convention Center

    Kalahari Resort & Conventions, featuring America’s largest indoor waterpark, was introduced to the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania in 2014. Worth & Company was awarded Phase 1 of this project in April, which consisted of an 8-story, 457-room hotel, state-of-the-art convention center and Indoor waterpark. The Worth project team was charged with the installation of a complete plumbing system for the hotel and waterpark. Because of the quality workmanship and ability to meet project deadlines during Phase 1, Worth was awarded the plumbing contract for the newly expanded hotel, including an additional 9-stories, 525-rooms, 2 signature restaurants and waterpark as well as the installation of aquatic and HVAC piping for the Phase 2 waterpark and Phase 3 children’s pool.

    Project: Kalahari Resort & Waterpark Phase 1 – 3
    Location: Pocono Manor, PA
    Owner: Kalahari Resorts, LLC
    Architect: ADCI
    Engineer: Hardwood Engineering & Water Tech
    Size: 400,000 SF
  • Millville Wastewater Treatment Plant

    Millville Wastewater Treatment Plant

    The Millville Wastewater Treatment Plant project consisted of a complete renovation to the existing facility located in Millville, NJ. Worth & Company served as the General Contractor overseeing all construction activities on the site. The scope of the project included the installation of a new Trojan UV system, RAS pumps and piping, and three Kruger disk filters. Additionally, the Worth team converted an existing sludge holding tank into a maintenance garage and upgraded two primary clarifiers, two secondary clarifiers, electrical systems and instrumentation.

    Project: Millville Wastewater Treatment Plant
    Location: Millville, NJ
    Owner: City of Millville
    Engineer: AECOM
    Size: 5 MGD
  • National Museum of Industrial History

    National Museum of Industrial History

    The National Museum of Industrial History (NMIH) is a 22,550 square foot building housed in the former electric shop of the Bethlehem Steel Works plant, located in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Associated with the Smithsonian Institute, the building highlights past and present achievements of the American Industrial Revolution, including the technological advancements of today. Worth & Company was charged with the task of coordination, value engineering and installation of the HVAC systems for this 100-year-old building. The HVAC systems included a modern high efficiency boiler plant, 200-ton chilled water plant, in slab radiant heating, semi-custom 41,000 cfm VAV Air handling system, DDC Control system and custom fabricated sheet metal.

    Project: National Museum of Industrial History
    Location: Bethlehem, PA
    Owner: National Museum of Industrial History
    Architect: David Scott Parker
    Engineer: Lehigh Valley Engineers
    Size: 22,550
  • Ocean Spray

    Ocean Spray

    The Ocean Spray project is a nearly 300,000 square foot juice bottling plant located in Breinigsville, Pennsylvania. The project consists of the fabrication and installation of a highly specialized underground and above ground plumbing system. This unique underground piping involved eight inches of stainless steel traps, custom manufactured industrial grade piping eighteen inches in diameter. The extensive piping was assembled at Worth’s manufacturing facility, and on the jobsite through a butt-fusion process. The above ground piping was fully pre-fabricated and pre-assembled at Worth. With a stringent six month timeframe, Worth utilized its experience and technological resources to meet the customer’s high expectations and the required delivery date.

    Location: Breinigsville, PA
    Size: 297,558 square feet
    Owner: Ocean Spray Cranberries, Inc.
    Architect: Tran Systems
    Engineer: Gilbane Building Group
  • Odessa Elementary School

    Odessa Elementary School

    Worth & Company was contracted to install the HVAC and Plumbing for this new school. State-of-the-art computer automated drafting (CAD) programs and Building Information Modeling (BIM) were implemented to assist in the coordination of ductwork, HVAC piping and plumbing systems, and provided a real space document that the entire construction team could utilize. One of several challenges that was successfully overcome was installing 3,000 feet of underground pre-insulated welded piping. The piping ran under a retention basin, while contending with a multitude of storm lines to connect Odessa Elementary School to the Early Childhood Center.

    Location: Townsend, DE
    Size: 91,322 square feet
    Owner: Appoquinimick School District
    Architect: ABHA
    Engineer: Furlow Engineering
  • Paulinskill Basin Water Reclamation Facility

    Paulinskill Basin Water Reclamation Facility

    The Paulinskill Basin Water Reclamation Facility project is a newly constructed Wastewater Treatment Facility located on a 3.4 acre Greenfield site in Frankford, New Jersey. Worth & Company served as the General Contractor overseeing all construction activities on the project. The site is occupied by three new buildings, a number of tanks and underground piping to facilitate the wastewater treatment process. Worth’s team of highly skilled professionals self-performed the installation of all Process Treatment Equipment and piping as well as mechanical and plumbing systems.

    Location: Frankford, NJ
    Owner: Sussex County Municipal Utilities Authority
    Architect: N/A
    Engineer: Kleinfelder Engineering
  • Rydal Park

    Rydal Park

    Worth & Company was contracted for a three year, multi-phased plumbing and HVAC project for an assisted living facility. The project included a newly constructed 124,000 square feet building and the renovations of the main building and a residence building.

    Location: Rydal, PA
    Size: New Const: 124, 000 sq. ft. Main Bldg. Renovation: 5 floors Residence Bldg. 4 floors
    Owner: Presby’s Inspired Life
    Architect: Stewart & Conners Architect
    Engineer: Moore Engineering
  • St. Luke’s Hospital – Monroe

    St. Luke’s Hospital – Monroe

    The new $80,000,000 St. Luke’s Hospital in Stroudsburg, PA is a 5-story, 175,000 square foot hospital serving Monroe County and the surrounding areas. Owned by the St. Luke’s University Health Network, it is the first newly constructed hospital in Monroe County in 100 years. The hospital will have 108 beds, (4) operating rooms, an emergency suite expected to serve 60,000 patients a year, Triage, Cardiac Trauma, Radiology with MRI, CT Scan, Fluoroscopy, X-Ray and Nuclear Imaging, a Dining Area with full-service Kitchen, ICU, CCU and Laboratories. This highly specialized project exemplifies Worth’s vast capabilities and high level of commitment to meeting the customers’ expectations.

    Project: St. Luke’s Hospital – Monroe
    Location: Stroudsburg, PA
    Owner: St. Luke’s University Health Network
    Architect: Cerminara Architects
    Engineer: Snyder Hoffman Associates
  • St. Luke’s University Hospital Warren Campus

    St. Luke’s University Hospital Warren Campus

    The St. Luke’s University Hospital Emergency & Nursing Department project is a renovation of the existing facilities at the Warren Campus in Phillipsburg, NJ. Owned by the St. Luke’s Hospital University Health Network, this highly specialized project involved the installation of HVAC, plumbing & medical gas systems in the mechanical room, exam rooms, patient rooms, isolation rooms, emergency department and pharmacy. The project team applied the usage of Computer Automated Drafting (CAD) and Building Information Modeling (BIM), as well as Worth’s advanced pre-fabrication and pre-assembly capabilities to deliver an exceptional final product. This was beneficial for the project through reduced field labor, increased product and service quality; and most importantly, increased safety.

    Location: Phillipsburg, NJ
    Owner: St. Luke’s University Health Network
    Architect: BDA Architects, PC
    Engineer: Shade Engineering, Inc.
  • TEVA Pharmaceuticals B200

    TEVA Pharmaceuticals B200

    The TEVA B200 project was a complete demolition and remodel of a pharmaceutical lab space at TEVA Pharmaceuticals, West Chester division. The project, a specialty project involving multiple disciplines, entailed heavy coordination under a tight schedule. Worth & Company was contracted to construct and install all the plumbing and process piping, ductwork, and fixtures; and the installation of owner equipment. The Teva project posed several challenges including a stringent schedule, multiple specialized systems, and logistics. Additionally, the Worth team successfully overcame the more complicated challenges of working with an occupied building and the installation of specialized lab fixtures.

    Location: West Chester, PA
    Size: 12,000 SF
    Owner: Teva Pharmaceuticals
    Architect: Genesis Engineers Inc.
    Engineer: Genesis Engineers Inc.
  • Trumpf Photonics

    Trumpf Photonics

    The Trumpf Photonics project is an expansion of Trumpf’s existing facilities in Cranbury, NJ. This highly specialized project involved the installation of HVAC and Plumbing systems in the mechanical room, restrooms, locker rooms, and a cafeteria/large meeting space. Throughout the duration of this project, Worth demonstrated superior quality workmanship and utilized every aspect of the company’s infrastructure and resources to successfully meet the customers’ high expectations.

    Location: Cranbury, NJ
    Owner: Trumpf Photonics
    Architect: KSS Architects LLP
    Engineer: The Rock Brook Consulting Group
  • University of Delaware, Bob Carpenter Center

    University of Delaware, Bob Carpenter Center

    Worth & Company performed a complex addition and renovation that included transforming an existing mechanical room into a central plant for heating and cooling needs for the existing Bob Carpenter Center and a new 56,000 square foot gym, locker room, and office facility built next door. Worth & Company was specifically selected for this project based on our unique pre-fabrication capabilities for welded piping (30,000+ square feet); and our ability to man the project in multiple shifts to meet an aggressive summer schedule.

    Location: Newark, DE
    Size: 190,698 square feet
    Owner: University of Delaware
    Architect: Anderson Brown
    Engineer: PHY Engineering
  • West Pharmaceuticals

    West Pharmaceuticals

    West Pharmaceutical is a combination Laboratory/Office Building, new construction project. This project exemplifies the highest level of skills, innovation, and collaboration among the project team. Successfully overcoming numerous challenges, the Worth professionals expertly handled an evolving and changing design, while adhering to the customer’s expedited move-in schedule to deliver an exceptional final product on time. This project is projected for LEED Silver certification.

    Location: Malvern, PA
    Size: 171,000 square feet
    Owner: West Pharmaceuticals
    Architect: Ballinger Architect Engineer
    Engineer: Holstein White Engineer

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