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MM Metals

Morrisville, PA

The MM Metals project presented an opportunity to aid in the installation of the first ferrochrome producing facility in the United States.


MM Metals USA


Earthres Group, Whiting, DHM, Worth & Company, Gilmore & Associates, Penn Valley


13,696 SF



Completion Year


Market Sector

The Industrial Division at Worth & Company took on the opportunity to work with MM Metals and aid in the in the installation of the first ferrochrome producing facility in the United States. This new construction was a design-build project with many challenges and consisted of various setting of equipment and intricate piping with limited space available to serve the water-cooled furnace, which was an essential component of the new system Through the conglomeration of all the divisions our company has to offer, this project was a success from beginning to start-up of the installed systems. Our prefabrication team was able to design and assemble a complete mechanical pump room in a modular container that was shipped to the jobsite, saving us and the customer time and money while showcasing the skill of our prefabrication abilities. In addition, the coordination between the CAD department to our field team was fantastic, discovering design issues prior to putting material and men in the field made our installation efficient and cost effective.

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