Educating the Future of the Mechanical Systems Industry

Worth & Company, Inc. is invested in the success of its employees. Through our partnership with the Associated Builders and Contractors of Eastern Pennsylvania, we have built a strong foundation for employees to enhance their education and develop rewarding careers in the mechanical construction industry.

The Apprentice Program at Worth & Company, Inc. is fully recognized and accredited by the National Center for Construction and Research (NCCER). We offer on-the-job training and a customized curriculum through ABC that utilizes in-house expertise and resources, such as tools, advanced technologies, and seasoned industry experts who provide top-notch training and guidance to apprentice students.

We believe that investing in the education and training of our employees yields benefits to individuals, customers, and the entire industry:

  • Motivating employees through personal accomplishment
  • Improving workplace skills results in higher productivity
  • Demonstrating our commitment to quality
  • Standardizing training creates a pool of credible construction personnel
  • Teaching apprentices’ long-term skills and experience

Fostering Growth and Potential

  • 4-year programs
  • Customized curriculum for plumbing / pipefitting, HVAC, and sheet metal
  • Minimum of 144 hours instruction per year
  • 2,000 hours of on the job (OTJ) training per year
  • Plumbing apprentices (3rd year) learn the international plumbing code
  • Plumbing apprentices (4th year) are prepared for the Philadelphia Journeyman’s exam
  • Full-time certified and experienced instructors
  • Sheet metal shop training during the first year
  • Earn pay while training
  • Train under experienced supervisors and mentors
  • Evaluated quarterly to encourage improved performance
  • Apprentices may be selected to compete in the National ABC Craft Championship

“Worth has given me many opportunities to grow professionally based on my motivation and hard work. We are always supported and challenged to keep learning and improving at everything we do.”

– Project Manager, Mechanical Operations

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