Computer Aided Drawing & Building Information Modeling

CAD & 3D BIM Methods

Worth & Company is one of a few firms in the mechanical systems industry currently utilizing advanced technologies, such as CAD and BIM software. This software creates an easily shared product model of building components that provides the field personnel with the project’s construction requirements and depicts any design adjustments prior to the commencement of construction.

Our experienced and knowledgeable team of professionals understand the value of applying principles of CAD and BIM software. By eliminating unknown variables that coincide with building components onsite, the BIM process plays a key role in ensuring a safe environment, consistent and quality workmanship, greater efficiency, and construction standardization. These factors result in delivering an exceptional final product.

Primary BIM Objectives:

  • Stimulate and direct additional communication and coordination by the team members during all phases of a project
  • Maximizing coordination between design consultants to include all relevant information and minimize duplication
  • Maximizing coordination between design team and construction team to facilitate the construction process
  • Creating efficiencies and savings during coordination and installation including capitalizing on prefabrication opportunities
  • Utilizing the model to prepare design and construction documents

Key Benefits:

  • Prepare a real space document that can be utilized by the construction team
  • Encourages collaboration among project teams
  • Facilitates pre-fabrication and pre-assembly production thereby alleviating jobsite congestion
  • Plays a key role in Lean Construction procedures
  • Reveal necessary design adjustments prior to construction, avoiding delays and reducing costs
  • Ensures the project team is aligned by decreasing fragmentation of the construction process
  • Supports analysis for sustainable building strategies