Sustainable Practices


Leading the Industry in Sustainable Building Strategies

As the industry and customer demand for high-performance, resource-efficient, and healthy facilities grows, Worth & Company maintains a significant background in sustainable building practices, and is a proud member of the United States Green Building Council. Our professionals are well-versed on the latest mechanical trends in Green Building; and can incorporate these trend advancements into customers’ design and construction plans.

As a LEED™ Certified Contractor we offer:

  • LEED™ certified professionals
  • Green Advantage certified field staff (project managers and superintendents)
  • Value engineering and technology to support sustainable Green Building practices
  • Evaluation and analyses of higher upfront costs of Green construction versus the potentially lower energy and maintenance expenses over a building’s lifecycle
  • Coordination of LEED™ paperwork for certification

Almost one-third of Worth & Company’s mechanical consulting and contracting building projects within the Healthcare, K-12, Higher Education and Commercial & Industrial markets have received, or are working towards LEED™ certification. As an industry leader, Worth & Company continues to support the methods of Green Building, and assist customers in maneuvering their projects through the complete certification process.