Best in Class

Operations Drive Exceptional Performance

Worth & Company continuously strives to provide the highest caliber product. Once we achieve one milestone, our team is reaching for the next one. It’s this mindset that makes us highly efficient and able to deliver the best possible value. We implement processes for continuous improvement in every aspect of our business, always keeping customers at the forefront of every decision.

Worth & Company supports the philosophy of “Best In Class” manufacturing which utilizes advanced technology to manage operations. This methodology encompasses: production, quality, maintenance, and inventory; and works toward improving material and asset utilization and team effectiveness.


Key Components of Worth & Company’s Best In Class Manufacturing:

  • Six Sigma/ Lean
  • Just In Time Delivery (JIT)
  • One Touch Materials Handling
  • 6S

Application of Best In Class Practices:

  • Worth & Company pre-fabricates and pre-assembles mechanical systems in our clean six sigma/lean manufacturing environment to customers’ exact specifications.
  • Pre-assembled system components are packaged, and put on a materials handling device for immediate JIT delivery to the job site.
  • Worth materials handlers then carefully move the pre-assembled mechanical system components from the truck for immediate installation
  • Materials are handled only once during transport for efficiency

Six Sigma Lean Environment

Six Sigma/Lean improves the end-user, product, or service by early identification and removal of the causes of defects and variability in the manufacturing and business processes. Worth & Company supports this approach – in the offices, manufacturing facilities, and in the field. Many employees hold certified designations in Six Sigma/Lean.

JIT Delivery

JIT delivery is facilitated by pre-fabrication and pre-assembly capabilities. This system permits the installation of equipment immediately upon receipt at the jobsite -alleviating jobsite congestion, uncontrollable environmental conditions, or the potential of theft or vandalism of system components. JIT delivery maximizes efficiency by eliminating unnecessary materials handling on the jobsite, providing safe surroundings, establishing a standardized construction process and ensuring on-time delivery.

One Touch Materials Handling

Too many unnecessary human “touches” result in higher labor cost, less efficiency, and greater waste. “One-Touch” Materials Handling is implemented to decrease costs and increase value. Worth & Company works diligently to identify and eliminate waste through a plan, prep, and install process for every mechanical systems project, ensuring the workplace contains only what is needed, when and where it’s needed.

6S Visual Management

Worth & Company takes pride in the company’s ability to be proactive, problem solve, and deliver on its promises. As a forward thinking organization, our team embraces the concept of safe and effective 6S Visual Management – sort, set, shine, standardize, sustain, and safety. Actively participating in this process fosters high standards of quality, cutting-edge edge processes, a safe environment, and continuous improvement.