Apprentice Program

Educating the Future of the Mechanical Systems Industry


Worth & Company, Inc. supports industry education and training through its in-house Apprentice Program, which is fully recognized and accredited by the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER). Worth recognizes its responsibility to the future of its employees and the industry, and is aligned with NCCER in their dedication in developing and maintaining comprehensive training processes for the mechanical services construction industry. In June 2011, Worth proudly presented the first graduating class of its apprentice program.

We believe that investing in the education and training of our employees yields benefits to individuals, customers, and the entire industry:

  • Motivating employees through personal accomplishment
  • Improving workplace skills results in higher productivity
  • Demonstrating our commitment to quality
  • Standardizing training creates a pool of credible construction personnel
  • Teaching apprentices long-term skills and experience

Customized Curriculum for Plumbing & Pipefitting, HVAC, Sheet Metal

While Worth adheres to the guidelines set forth by NCCER, we offer a custom curriculum that is applicable to the Company’s operations and approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry and the U.S. Department of Labor. Our program, which offers training beyond the required standard curriculum, utilizes Worth’s in-house expertise and resources, such as tools, advanced technologies, and seasoned industry experts to provide top-notch training to apprentice students.

Worth & Company’s Apprentice Program Fosters Growth & Potential

  • 4 year programs
  • A minimum of 160 hours classroom instruction per year
  • 2,000 hours of on the job (OTJ) training per year
  • Full time certified and experienced instructors
  • Sheet Metal Shop training during first year
  • Earn pay while training
  • Train under experienced supervisors
  • Evaluated monthly to encourage improved performance
  • Apprentices may be selected to compete in the National ABC Craft Championship

Safety is Our Top Priority

Worth Apprentices receive a minimum of 24 hours of safety instruction, which includes 10 hour
OSHA for all first year apprentices. This requirement is one more way in which Worth & Company
maintains its stellar safety record.

For more information on Worth & Company’s apprentice program, please contact:Worth’s Apprentice Training Coordinator: 267.362.1100.